UBUNɅTION Launches First Campaign "The WLFA Springbok Charity Collection"

UBUNɅTION Launches "The WLFA Springbok Charity Collection" in Collaboration with We Love Football Academy​

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Berlin/Cape Town/Zug – 11th October 2023 – UBUNɅTION, a dynamic community and platform driven by compassion, kindness, and respect for others, is thrilled to unveil its inaugural campaign and collection in partnership with the We Love Football Academy (WLFA).

WLFA, a non-profit organization headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, is dedicated to empowering youth for a brighter future. Their steadfast commitment revolves around nurturing talented players while positively impacting their local communities. WLFA’s vision is centered on fostering the dreams of young individuals, infusing them with hope and passion for a better tomorrow.

In this transformative collaboration, UBUNɅTION and WLFA introduce “The WLFA Springbok Charity Collection,” a unique digital collectible series. This collection offers participants the opportunity not only to enrich their charitable endeavors but also to contribute to a noble cause. By engaging with this campaign and acquiring items from the exclusive collection, individuals become catalysts for positive change in the lives of young South Africans.

Key Highlights of “The WLFA Charity Collection Campaign” include:

  • Unique Collectibles: The collection offers 10,000 distinct Springbok images, each adorned with unique football accessories, ensuring the uniqueness of every WLFA Springbok collectible. For every $6 donation, the donor receives one exclusive image from this limited Springbok collection, each featuring distinct football accessories.
  • Distinguished Voices: The campaign has garnered support from influential figures, including Sam Lehoko, the renowned radio presenter from Mix 93.8 FM, Maik Franz, a former professional Bundesliga footballer, and Ernst Middendorp, a famous German football coach who also served as the head coach for the South African Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, among others. These voices are joining the campaign to champion the cause.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Participants in the campaign have the chance to win exclusive rewards, such as signed football jerseys, football tickets, meet and greets, or personalized video messages from the voices, adding excitement to their digital collectible experience.
  • Blockchain NFT Technology: To secure the collectibles and provide real ownership, the campaign utilizes blockchain NFT technology. Collectors can participate in rewards raffles and proudly demonstrate their support for WLFA by showcasing their unique collection.

Heissam Hartmann, Founder of UBUNɅTION, remarked, “Let’s kick off a game-changing partnership, scoring goals of hope and positivity for the next generation. Where compassion meets collectibles, and kindness joins forces with football, a brighter future for South Africa’s youth emerges with this new campaign.”

Christian Alder, Founder of We Love Football Academy, added, “The vision of We Love Football Academy is to guide the kids with hope & passion for a better future. Our aim is to develop their skill set and knowledge, creating opportunities both on and off the field, teaching life skills, maintaining their health, and fostering a platform where they can take responsibility. We are confident that this partnership with UBUNɅTION will help us continue to develop and expand our on-site organization in Cape Town.”

This collaboration between UBUNɅTION and WLFA exemplifies the power of compassion, kindness, and community spirit converging with blockchain technology to create lasting change. It represents an opportunity for individuals worldwide to contribute to a brighter future for South Africa’s youth while acquiring unique and valuable digital collectibles.

To learn more about the We Love Football Academy (WLFA) and find out how to get the collection, visit www.ubunation.com/wlfa. Here, you can discover the voices behind the campaign, view the exciting rewards, and even apply to become a voice and support this noble cause. Join us in making a difference through the magic of digital collectibles and the boundless potential of compassion.

About Ubuntu Nation AG:

UBUNTU NATION AG is a web-3 company designed to mobilize a new generation of humanitarians and activists into acts of kindness,  charity, and compassion while rewarding them with digital collectibles which demonstrate their belonging to, and passion for, causes that they truly believe in. Our community is incentivized to support a range of causes through strong voices they believe in exchange for a chance to receive unique rewards, events, and experiences.

About We Love Football Academy:

WLFA is a non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. Their aim is to empower the youth of South Africa for a better life. They strive to develop quality players and assist in enabling a positive impact in their communities. They have been working closely with the same kids from the ages 6 -16 years for the last 5 years, experiencing the trials, tribulations as well as the transformation. WLFA also organizes workshops and training so that the children can build a life path out of the “townships”. Their vision is to guide the kids with hope & passion for a better future. The mission is to develop their skill set, knowledge, and health. Building opportunities and creating a platform where they can take responsibility!
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