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Enter a world where art, sport, and empowerment converge! Exciting news – the WLFA Collection is now live, a unique collaboration on UBUNɅTION! Your $6 donation powers youth empowerment and facility expansion in South Africa, propelling us toward our $60,000 goal for facility expansion, enriched programming, and lasting change. Click Donate to explore the collection or scroll for more details about the Campaign. 🌟🤝


UBUNɅTION is an acronym of the terms “Ubuntu,” from Southern Africa Bantu language, meaning “humanity towards others,” and “nation”, referring to a community who share a common language, culture, and moral perspective.

UBUNɅTION is a community built oncompassion, kindness, and respect for others.

Our Mission

To mobilize a new generation of humanitarians and activists into acts of kindness, charity, and compassion while rewarding them with digital collectibles which demonstrate their belonging to, and passion for, causes that they truly believe in.

Our community is incentivized to support a range of causes through strong voices they believe in exchange for a chance to receive unique rewards, events, and experiences.

& Vision

To build the largest platform for good, empoweredby a global community whoare united to seek change towards a better world.

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Empowering South African Youth: Beyond the Field

WLFA extends its reach far beyond football, equipping young individuals with life-enhancing skills. When you own a WLFA digital collectible, you’re actively contributing to their goal of nurturing future leaders and leaving a lasting imprint on communities.

Your support helps fuel their on-site facility expansion and classroom development initiatives, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Moments of Magic: Uniting Through Sport

Sports unite us, creating unforgettable moments. The WLFA Collection captures these magical instances and offers a glimpse into a world of extraordinary experiences.

The WLFA Springbok
Charity Collection

10.000 unique Images for 6$ donation each

Among all buyers we raffle special rewards 


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Your ownership of a WLFA Digital Collectible contributes to their key initiatives. Join us in shaping a brighter future for South African youth through the power of art and sport.

We invite you to meet the voices of the WLFA Academy

Here are the amazing voices that are supporting this exclusive collaboration and collection by gifting perks, experiences and amazing rewards.

Ama Ka’rin

Afro-Soul Singer

Dudu Tsobane

Musician | Digital Creator | Public Speaker | Parenting

Christian Alder

German former footballer & Founder of WLFA

Ernst Middendorp

German football coach with 20 years of professional experience in Europe, Asia, and Africa

Jamie-Lee D.

South African TV Host, Model, Radio Presenter

Ron Schallenberg

German professional footballer

Kurt Lentjies

South African professional football coach and former player

DJ Lepara

International DJ

Maik Franz

German former footballer, Sports director and commentator

Peter Niemeyer

German football manager, executive, and former player

René Müller

former German football player and current football coach

Ronald Maul

German former professional footballer and team manager

Sam Lehoko

South African DJ, radio and television personality


German recruitment agency.

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The Rewards

Ama Ka’rin

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WLFA Awaits

Don’t miss out on being part of this empowering journey. Discover the WLFA Collection today and be a part of something greater than yourself.

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