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UBUNɅTION is an acronym of the terms “Ubuntu,” from Southern Africa Bantu language, meaning “humanity towards others,” and “nation”, referring to a community who share a common language, culture, and moral perspective.

UBUNɅTION is a community built on compassion, kindness, and respect for others.

Our Mission

To mobilize a new generation of humanitarians and activists into acts of kindness, charity, and compassion while rewarding them with digital collectibles which demonstrate their belonging to, and passion for, causes that they truly believe in.

Our community is incentivized to support a range of causes through strong voices they believe in exchange for a chance to receive unique rewards, events, and experiences.

& Vision

To build the largest platform for good, empoweredby a global community whoare united to seek change towards a better world.

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Unite through Football, Empower through Education

Empower kids through football & education! 'Football Meets Culture' combines sport, language, & arts for disadvantaged youth. Supported by UBUNɅTION, we maximize potential to unite communities & promote social change.  

Empowerment Through Support: Football Meets Culture

Empower kids through football & education! 'Football Meets Culture' combines sport, language, & arts for disadvantaged youth. Supported by UBUNɅTION, we maximize potential to unite communities & promote social change.  

The Football Meets Culture Education & Unity Charity Collection

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Voices of the month

This month, we’re grateful to highlight the invaluable contributions of our generous supporter, FC ST. PAUL. Their dedication has made a significant impact on the lives of disadvantaged children through Football Meets Culture. With their support, we’ve been able to expand our reach, providing more resources for coaching, language support, and cultural education. You too can make a difference! Become the voice of the month and join us in empowering these children for a brighter future.

the Voices of FMC

Janis Hohenhövel

Coach German U-17 national football team

Florian Holzbrecher

Head of Events & CSR from SV Darmstadt 98


former professional footballer

FC St. Pauli Rabauken Football Club ​

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the milestones of our Efforts

The team

The new school year of ‘Football meets culture’ begins. Like over 25% of all children in Germany, many pupils at Schalker Regenbogenschule struggle with special reading and writing challenges. This makes school difficult for them. They have little motivation to learn and feel left behind. Their great passion: football. This is exactly where ‘Football meets culture’ comes in. The children’s enthusiasm for football is used to teach academic content in a fun way and to strengthen the social skills of the participants. Twice a week, the children receive 90 minutes of additional support – one half of football training and one half of remedial lessons. As in professional football, everything stands and falls with the right team line-up: if the first fundraising target is reached, we can put together the team of 24 children from Schalke’s Regenbogenschule and hire and finance the two most important people in the project: A coach from FC Schalke 04 for the football training and a teacher from the Schalke Rainbow School for the remedial lessons.

‘The ball is round and the game lasts 90 minutes’ – With the first milestone, we were able to put together our team and ensure that 90 minutes of ‘football meets culture’ take place twice a week. But what would a football match be without a ball? And without goals? By reaching the next fundraising target, we will be able to finance the necessary training materials for our group. As ‘Football Meets Culture’ is not just about football, teaching materials and books are also a must.

Football is more than just the game on the pitch. There is also so much to discover around it. We want to convey this to the participants of ‘Football meets culture’ and introduce them to the cultural diversity of their city. With our donation target, we can finance a trip to the mining museum and the Veltins Arena, for example. This motivates our participants to stay on the ball and offers our teachers additional fun language opportunities.

A whole season of hard work lies behind our group. Together as a team, they have improved their social skills and worked on their German language skills. Now the big highlight is just around the corner: the ‘Football Meets Culture’ final tournament in Duisburg. Here, the Schalke team will compete against 34 other teams from all over Germany for the coveted trophies. By reaching our fundraising target, we will be able to finance the jerseys, travel, accommodation, catering and much more, enabling our team to enjoy the crowning finale to the season.


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With your support, Football Meets Culture will develop projects benefiting the community. Be a contributor to this worthy cause and make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.