Exclusive Founders Badge NFT Drop

UBUNɅTION Announces Exclusive Founders Badge NFT Drop, Offering Once-in-a-Lifetime Benefits for Early Supporters

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Berlin/Miami/Zug – 20th July 2023 – UBUNɅTION, the revolutionary web3 platform driven by a strong sense of community and a commitment to positive change, is thrilled to announce its upcoming Founders Badge NFT drop. This limited and exclusive release is set to take place on August 1st, 2023, providing early supporters with the opportunity to become UBUNɅTION Founding Members.

UBUNɅTION Founding Members will be part of an elite group of benefactors, gaining access to a range of extraordinary benefits that will forever solidify their position as original members of the UBUNɅTION community.

Benefits of UBUNɅTION Founding Membership include:

  • Founders Badge: Each Founding Member will receive a unique digital badge displayed proudly on their UBUNɅTION profile, symbolizing their status as pioneers and visionaries.
  • Founders Wall: Founding Members will be enshrined on the exclusive ‘Founders Wall’, where they can immortalize their presence with a personal quote and photo, forever leaving a lasting legacy within the UBUNɅTION community.
  • Lifetime Access: Founding Members will enjoy unparalleled pre-access to all upcoming campaigns, ensuring they can actively participate and support their favorite celebrity voices and causes ahead of public releases, forever shaping the future of positive change.
  • Backstage Pass: An exclusive privilege, Founding Members will be granted priority access to in-person and digital events, including Q&A sessions with celebrity voices, concerts, private dinners, and other exceptional experiences that foster deeper connections within the community.
  • VIP Social Channels: Access to invite-only social channels will offer Founding Members an exclusive platform to connect with other pioneers, engage with project founders, and discuss upcoming events, initiatives, and campaigns.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: Founding Members will receive limited-edition UBUNɅTION merchandise made with sustainable and ethically sourced materials, creating an immediate and lasting positive impact on the world.
  • Discounts: Founding Members will be rewarded with early access to token-gated merchandise collections, along with exclusive discounts, free tickets, and special event pricing.

By becoming a Founding Member, individuals not only contribute to UBUNɅTION’s mission of positive change but also empower the platform to stay true to its vision, allocate resources for growth, and support a new generation of people inspired to seek positive change.

Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to become a UBUNɅTION Founding Member. The first sale goes live on August 1st, 2023, and only a limited number of badges will be released. Prices for future releases are set to increase, making this initial drop even more exclusive.

To stay updated and join the waitlist, follow UBUNɅTION on our social media channels and sign up for the latest news and announcements.

About Ubuntu Nation AG:

UBUNTU NATION AG is a web-3 company designed to mobilize a new generation of humanitarians and activists into acts of kindness, charity, and compassion while rewarding them with digital collectibles which demonstrate their belonging to, and passion for, causes that they truly believe in. Our community is incentivized to support a range of causes through strong voices they believe in exchange for a chance to receive unique rewards, events, and experiences.

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